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Time Alerts on Consumption of Facebook and Instagram

Facebook announced on Wednesday, August 1 -Facebook and Instagram will soon let you know just how long you have spent on these social network platforms. As they have a set of time management tools for Facebook and Instagram users. The tools will monitor your time on the networks and will send you control notifications, and also users will be able to set a daily time limit.


Many social media users are aware of how easy it is to open the app to check notifications only to end up spending 20 minutes scrolling through memes, blog posts, and pictures of relatives and watching videos. Today’s new set of tools are just one of the updates the network has launched since CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that his 2018 goal was to make time on the networks time well-spent, reducing passive consumption and increasing engagement on the networks.

This time management tool will be available in the settings menu on both Facebook and Instagram — on Facebook, the option is called “Your Time on Facebook” while Instagram users can find similar tools by tapping on “Your Activity” from the settings menu. The new feature as on daily bases will display the time you spend on these social network platforms, with a graph chart activity by weekday.

With this new tool the users will get a reminder alert from Facebook or Instagram they’ve reached a set amount of time spent on the network. Facebook isn’t going to shut you down, but it will send you a pop-up notification if you’ve lost track of time scrolling through the news-feed. And if you are not interested in getting the pop-up notification then there is an option to temporarily “Mute Push Notifications” in the settings section.

Early in June the new features were leaked, join a list of changes designed to create less passive consumption and more interaction, including a pop-up button and Instagram’s new notice that “You’re all caught up.”

Facebook and Instagram says, the updates are rolling out soon.”

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Snapchat now lets you use speech recognition to animate your face

Getting bored with sticking out your tongue, blinking or raising eyebrow to get that Snapchat Lens to change? Here’s Snapchat’s latest Lenses respond to audible keywords. Rolling out starting Wednesday, August 1, the new Lenses animate will trigger by using specific English words.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new lenses use speech recognition instead of facial recognition to identify when to trigger an animation. By using single-word triggers to animate the augmented reality mask. Saying “OK” for example will bring up the hand symbol in one while saying “love” brings dancing hearts in another. On-screen instructions will let the users know what word will trigger the effect.

Earlier this year the update follows the first audio reactive lenses, but respond to specific words instead of changing with the volume like the lenses was launched this May. Snapchat also has Lenses that play audio and voice-altering options. The voice-activated Lenses join other animated options, like opening your mouth to hurl rainbows or a slabber puppy tongue.

These animated lenses could make videos popular by using the triggered words to add the effect at a certain point in the recording. This also work for taking photos, before, after or during the animation. So there is no requirement to stick your tongue out or raise your eyebrows, all you have to do is smile, pout, duck lip or make whatever expression you can maintain, just after saying the keyword.

Snapchat says it will begin to make around five to six of these new lenses available to users within the next week. They’ll appear periodically in the Lens carousel along with the others, starting today, Wednesday August 1st.

The lenses will prompt users how to trigger the animation, when launched, Snapchat says.”

Now things going to get more interesting as these lenses can help to keep Snapchat users engaged, and could potentially turn into a technology in future.


Do you plan on using this new Snapchat feature or not? Let us know down in the comments below.

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New Feature: Now you can see when your Friends are Active on Instagram

Instagram has come up with new feature that will show when your friends are online. It will show green dot against the profile picture.

On 19th July , Instagram debuted its latest update — a feature for Instagram users to see when their friends are online and, therefore they can have real-time conversations. This Feature sounds familiar because it is an exact resemblance to parent company Facebook’s “Available status” on their Messenger App as well as this even looks the same. As Instagram noted, “When your friends are active on Instagram, you’ll see a green dot next to their profile picture in various spaces within the app, including the Direct inbox and your friend list when you share a post from feed.”


If you thinking that with this feature you will be able to see the online or offline status of everyone on Instagram then no. Rather, you’ll only be able to see status of the friends who follow you, or users you have messaged in Direct. And don’t worry if you really don’t want people to know when you’re online then Instagram has an option to hide your status in the app settings which makes easy to turn off the ability to see when your friends are active.

Why do we need this feature? Instagram explained, “DMing friends and connecting over the content you love is more fun when you know your friends are there to see it. This update gives you the ability to have more of those realtime conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether.”

Instagram has been adding lot of features in the last several months, including a feature that tells you when you’re all caught up, as well as an option to remove followers, even if the user’s account is public. Altogether, Instagram is slowly letting the users more control over their profiles — which seems to be a win – win situation for the millions of users posting and sharing every day.


How to take care of your Laptop Charger

Laptops are made to be portable, that means the laptop battery life lasts for up to six or seven hours before you need to be charge again. Therefore, it is likely that you will need your laptop charger all times to give power supply to your laptop, also which is commonly known as an AC Adapter Charger.

Often time you forget to take care for your chargers and just place them anywhere. These actions can result to the damage of the laptop charger if not initially addressed. You may think that it is OK to simply ignore to take care of your charger but as owners of one, it is your responsibility.

Unfortunately, your laptop charger can become damaged in many ways, by getting tightly wrapped up, wire breaks due to twisting and rolling, by stuffing it in small case, constant plugging and unplugging wears out the cord

However, with proper care and use you can prolong the lifespan of the laptop charger. Here are a few simple ways to care for your AC adapter.

  1. A) Make sure you use a charger that is specifically for your laptop. If you use a laptop charger that is not for you, the possibilities of your laptop is damaged is high.
  1. B) Before plugging the charger in the power outlet, make sure the product is made to fit the voltage circuit requirement such as 110 or 220V. The same goes with plugging the chargers connector in the laptop under the specific laptop model your charger serves
  1. C) Place your laptop charger somewhere that water cannot reach it to avoid electrocution of the user and the destruction of your laptop
  1. D) Always unplug your charger when it is too hot. This is to prevent it from spoiling and damaging the laptop. You are advised to disconnect the charger when the battery is full to save energy usage
  1. E) When using the charger for a long time, place it in a surface which allows it cool down or in surface where circulation is possible and that does not trap heat like the fabric, cushions, leather sofa, your thighs, blankets and more. This is to avoid over-heat.
  1. F) Wire from the charger should be avoided contact with sharp objects such as torn corner table. If the charger wire is torn, do not use anymore. Do not wrap the wire charger with ‘tape’ or other material. Electric shock and damage to the laptop can occur. Change and buy a new charger.

Should Laptop be plugged in while it is Fully Charged?

laptop-chargerThe answer would be no. There are pros and cons to leaving your laptop plugged in all time, even if it is 100% Charged.

The big problem in using your laptop while it is plugged is that most of the laptop restrict their speed performance in order to get prolonged life of the battery. So if you don’t want to deal with slow processing speed then you can change your Laptop’s Power Management settings.

But let me tell you, if you change your performance setting in order to get maximum processing speed then it would lead to reduced battery life and this will make you to plug in your laptop sooner.

However, if you want to get prolonged life for your laptopbattery then you should not be using your laptop while plugged in all the time. Nowadays laptop batteries should not be “Overcharged” because the adapter will bypass once the laptop battery is fully charged.

These laptop batteries are either lithium polymer or lithium – ion which are designed to withstand infinite amount charge cycles.  So laptop battery cannot be overcharged, it stop charging as soon as it is 100% charged.

So, what should you do to increase your Laptop processingpower and battery life? The best thing is not to let your laptop’s battery drain completely. If you drain all your laptop’s battery then this would reduce infinite number of recharge cycles. So, try to leave your laptop battery around 50% charged whenever unplugged.

Another reason for reducing battery life is overheating.  Excessive heat that is generated by the laptop slowdowns your battery life. Make sure that your laptop cooling fan is working properly so that laptop does not get over heated.