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Time Alerts on Consumption of Facebook and Instagram

Facebook announced on Wednesday, August 1 -Facebook and Instagram will soon let you know just how long you have spent on these social network platforms. As they have a set of time management tools for Facebook and Instagram users. The tools will monitor your time on the networks and will send you control notifications, and also users will be able to set a daily time limit.


Many social media users are aware of how easy it is to open the app to check notifications only to end up spending 20 minutes scrolling through memes, blog posts, and pictures of relatives and watching videos. Today’s new set of tools are just one of the updates the network has launched since CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that his 2018 goal was to make time on the networks time well-spent, reducing passive consumption and increasing engagement on the networks.

This time management tool will be available in the settings menu on both Facebook and Instagram — on Facebook, the option is called “Your Time on Facebook” while Instagram users can find similar tools by tapping on “Your Activity” from the settings menu. The new feature as on daily bases will display the time you spend on these social network platforms, with a graph chart activity by weekday.

With this new tool the users will get a reminder alert from Facebook or Instagram they’ve reached a set amount of time spent on the network. Facebook isn’t going to shut you down, but it will send you a pop-up notification if you’ve lost track of time scrolling through the news-feed. And if you are not interested in getting the pop-up notification then there is an option to temporarily “Mute Push Notifications” in the settings section.

Early in June the new features were leaked, join a list of changes designed to create less passive consumption and more interaction, including a pop-up button and Instagram’s new notice that “You’re all caught up.”

Facebook and Instagram says, the updates are rolling out soon.”

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Snapchat now lets you use speech recognition to animate your face

Getting bored with sticking out your tongue, blinking or raising eyebrow to get that Snapchat Lens to change? Here’s Snapchat’s latest Lenses respond to audible keywords. Rolling out starting Wednesday, August 1, the new Lenses animate will trigger by using specific English words.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new lenses use speech recognition instead of facial recognition to identify when to trigger an animation. By using single-word triggers to animate the augmented reality mask. Saying “OK” for example will bring up the hand symbol in one while saying “love” brings dancing hearts in another. On-screen instructions will let the users know what word will trigger the effect.

Earlier this year the update follows the first audio reactive lenses, but respond to specific words instead of changing with the volume like the lenses was launched this May. Snapchat also has Lenses that play audio and voice-altering options. The voice-activated Lenses join other animated options, like opening your mouth to hurl rainbows or a slabber puppy tongue.

These animated lenses could make videos popular by using the triggered words to add the effect at a certain point in the recording. This also work for taking photos, before, after or during the animation. So there is no requirement to stick your tongue out or raise your eyebrows, all you have to do is smile, pout, duck lip or make whatever expression you can maintain, just after saying the keyword.

Snapchat says it will begin to make around five to six of these new lenses available to users within the next week. They’ll appear periodically in the Lens carousel along with the others, starting today, Wednesday August 1st.

The lenses will prompt users how to trigger the animation, when launched, Snapchat says.”

Now things going to get more interesting as these lenses can help to keep Snapchat users engaged, and could potentially turn into a technology in future.


Do you plan on using this new Snapchat feature or not? Let us know down in the comments below.

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Should we Use a Screen Protector on Our Smartphones?

Undoubtedly, it is the much needed item these days as smartphones are one of most expensive devices. So, it is very important that you should protect your mobile phone from scratches, dust, or accidental drops. Beside this, there are many other advantages of using a screen protector. Let’s have a glance at those benefits:

Keeps your Private Data Secure

By using the privacy screen protector, you can hide your data from others standing next you. The only person who is in front of the device’s screen can watch your data. The privacy screen protector keeps your information confidential. So, if you want to block the view from others, consider picking a privacy screen protector.

Relief from Eye Strain

For those who use more of the Laptop / Computer machine or smartphone are likely to have an eye strain. In order to reduce the risk of eye strain, you must use screen protectors. With the help of a screen protector Smart phones can be used to the maximum without feeling fatigued or straining your eyes. If you spend more time on your smartphone, you can go for an anti-glare screen guard.

No More Smudges & Fingerprints

Unfortunately, smartphones gets dirty with a simply touching your screen. And, a screen with all over fingerprints doesn’t look good at all. So here a screen protector is a huge relief. It saves your smartphone’s screen from fingerprints and sloppy blotches.

Reduces Glare

Screen protectors reduces the glare while viewing your smartphone under direct sunlight. Screen protectors reduce glare from bright light and improve smartphone’s screen visibility.

Helps Protecting Phone Screen

It is very likely that your accidentally slips from hand or pocket or bag while carrying it. There are chances of breaking or cracking phone screens as dropped on the hard surface. So in this context, Screen Protectors are very helpful. So if you cant go to market then you  should consider going online shopping for the screen protector.

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Instagram soon adds New feature to Your Stories

By this speed, we will lose the count as Instagram has been adding lot of features to the Stories since it was launched. Instagram did it again, and this time it has been reported of testing a feature that will allow the users to post questions to their stories.

With this features the users will be allowed to ask certain questions, while the viewers can click the text box and respond to the question with whatever they like. However, there is a probability that this will appear as a sticker in Instagram’s camera app.

To create your story – Simply click the airplane button below the post, same way you would when sending it via Direct.  At the very top is an option that enables you to create a story. Once you click the button, you will see the feed post as a sticker with a customized background ready to share to your story. You will get lot of options such as – to rotate, scale and move sticker and click them to explore other styles.

Instagram will only allow the public account users to share the post, which means that those users who have set their accounts to private will not be able to share the post. So if you don’t want your posts to be shared by other users, just do changes in Settings. This feature is available on Android and yet to come on IOS.

Lately, Instagram has been in news for adding number of features & innovative products to the app. Last year, IGTV was launched by Instagram, in which it gives new way for online user to create content for their followers and make money. IGTV features video content of up to one hour, and anyone can upload these videos.

Let’see if this feature rolls out well with the users.

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Facebook will Ban Business Ads if Poor Customer Feedback

A New Feedback system has been installed on Facebook in which if account cannot sustain acceptable standards of customer satisfaction then it may result businesses being banned from advertising.

This feature helps the Customers to send feedback directly to Facebook about their experiences with the Company. There will be short survey after user completes the purchase that was done through a Facebook ad.

Users can rate their experience by choosing one the three emoticon – a sad face, a neutral face, or a happy face. Further a questionnaire will appear so the user can provide more information.

Feedback will only be shared with companies if they receive a large amount of negative feedback. Facebook will give a chance to improve to the company before taking further action.

And if still the company feedback does not improve, Facebook will reduce the amount of ads the company can run or this can continue to the point of banning the advertiser.

This feedback system is implemented due to exasperation that customers have after purchasing products from Facebook advertisers.

Facebook’s previous standards and ad policies were only applied to users, for their experiences on the business platform. There were no policies in place for bad shopping but this feature will help the common user to share their feedback on the purchase.

So if you want that your business account does not run into any problem, then make sure that your ads are not misleading to the customers.